Lord Ido has a very brief and brutal background. He started training to become a Rat Dragoneye when he was 11. He was very ambitious and had a lot of strength in his dragon sight. When he was chosen to become the Rat Dragon apprentice, he trained as hard as he could. At 17 years old, his Dragoneye teacher died of old age, leaving Ido on his own for the rest of his training period (7 years).

Spoiler: He is now deceased at the age of 24.

Physical Description Edit

Lord Ido was described as having an oily beard and long black hair, as all dragoneyes do. He is a tall man, and described as very male. He has a lot of strength in his body from Sun drug, a powder used to kindle a man's Sun energy.

Friends and Foes Edit

Eon, Kygo, Dillon, Ryko, Lady Dela, Yuso, High Lord Sethon, Heuris Brannon, Master Tozay and Rilla.