Lady Dela is a mysterious and controversial character in the book.

Lady Dela is a transwoman, who is described as being content with her biologically male body but embraces her true inner femininity.

In her culture, these kind of two-souled person are called a Contraire, and, in the town where Lady Dela is from, this is a true honor, making her a respected member of her tribe. As a child her mother always suspected she was a twin soul but wanted her to find out for herself. She discovered this when she was playing in her sisters carefully beaded skirt and her mother and other women from her tribe saw her wearing it.

In the actual setting of the novel, the Emperor cares for and protects Lady Dela, who is otherwise attacked and scarred due to her being a transwoman, even coming to the point of her having the character for "demon" cut in her chest, just above her heart. After being attacked for being who she is, she was placed under the guard of Ryko.

Lady Dela is an character with an interesting vision of the world, as her position has made her experience many different things, although she remains true to her own nature, clearly simply minding what she believes as the truth, and nothing can make her power of will die.

She is a person that worries and cares about other people, accepting them as they are (She warned Eon about the life of a contraire when she saw her looking over her things.)