Character OutlineEdit

Dillon was one of the candidates that could have been chosen by the rat dragon on new years. He was chosen out of all of the candidates to be the new apprentice although the rat dragon had already considered Eon.Edit

He and Eon were friends during training and after Eon becomes a lord, they remain tentative friends. Dillon seems rather intimidated by Lord Ido and is later shown to be taking Sun Drug knowingly or unwillingly- a drug which increases the sun energy in a man making him short tempered and more unpredictable.

At the feast Eon notes that Dillon doens't seem to eat much food but drained his wine glass everytime it was refilled. Later when he was rather drunk, he called Eon to tell him about some honey that had just arrived but was beaten by Ido who scolded him for his rudeness as it is impolite to address a Dragoneye in that casual disrespectful way.

Although he is scared by Lord Ido, he does help Eon and Ryko when they break into Ido's library to steal back the folio that was taken by Ido from the Mirror Dragon's halls. He steals it back from Eon who cannot protect the folio and Ryko at the same time, telling her that Ido won't kill him if he pleases him by bringing the folio back to him.

Physical descriptionEdit